Soluzioni Informatiche Snc, based in Trieste, offers IT assistance and consultancy to small and medium-sized companies, providing support, strategy and technologically advanced solutions for a correct technical and IT structure with a view to economic savings. Present in the sector for almost 20 years, we believe in continuous collaboration, in the comparison and listening to needs, in constant assistance and advice always aiming at full customer satisfaction.

The company was founded in 2002 as an individual firm of Massimo Baichin, with a wealth of fifteen years of experience gained at Unisys Italia as a technician and IT consultant with the role of network administrator for Fincantieri.

In 2014 Tanja Mauri also joined the team, as an IT collaborator and head of the graphic and advertising department.

The work is not lacking, the collaboration is solid and on May 21, 2015, the IT Solutions SNC of Baichin M. and Mauri T. is created.

We are creative, we are intuitive and technological.

Right tools for right solutions

When I want to interact with a computer, before I am ready to talk I have to wait several minutes after turning it on. It’s absurd, these cars should be there for us, not the other way around. (Tim Berners-Lee, The architecture of the new Web, 1999)



Knowing the customer allows us to pay attention to your needs, your working method and costs. We can easily evaluate your reality and move on to creating a successful project.



We provide our customers with many strategies and solutions based on actual work and organizational needs. With simple and cheap projects we make your work environment efficient, safe and stable.



Our know-how allows us to offer customers the latest technologies and the best IT solutions of proprietary and open source brands, with a view to saving money.


Massimo BaichinFounding partner
He began working in 1987 for Unisys S.p.a. covering management and assistance tasks to mainframes, tape drives, external disks. It is certified by Microsoft in 2000 and then moves on to the management of personal computers, PC networks, Active Directory, network planning, network design, website structure creation and finally Fincantieri network manager (in support of the internal structure). From this significant experience, the idea of self-employment was born. In October 2017 he obtained the Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin (UBWA).
Networking solutions 90%
Hardware & software 90%
Computer programming 50%
Tanja MauriFounding
Self-taught in the computer field since the age of thirteen, she began his work experience at a shop, as a sales assistant and personal computer assistant. She spent eight years as head of the IT department of a company active in the sale of electronic and IT materials. It ranges between various fields from sales to assistance, from web design to video editing and photography. Create a variety of websites and advertising materials.
Webdesign & graphic 70%
Networking 30%
Hardware & software 60%